out of your biscuit sales

We recommend having a main biscuits feature for your Take Home range, this should be a key focus. In addition, consider offering a range of single-portion biscuits in your Food to Go offer

Biscuit Take Home Display

  • As over 80% of biscuit sales are for the top-up shopper mission roll packs and multipacks should be a key focus on your Take Home biscuit fixture.
  • Your range should include sweet, healthier¹ and savoury biscuits and these should be clearly segmented on the feature.

Merchandising Top Tips

‘On the Go Biscuits’

  • We recommend 10-20% of your biscuit range is allocated to ‘on the go’ product.
  • Healthier¹ biscuits and snack bars are over 50%² of on the go sales so should be the focus of any range
  • Breakfast is also a growing Food to Go opportunity, so consider in your range
  • Site near other relevant products such as To- Go beverages and Food to Go offers³
  • Consider creating a ‘healthier¹’ bay

See the planograms


¹ Healthier as defined by Nielsen

² Nielsen , value sales 20.3.22.

³ Where HFSS Stores must comply with HFSS only, non HFSS products can be displayed in certain locations to conform with the regulations