Seasonal Opportunities


Chocolate is the No. 1 gift given on Father's Day1, and on average shoppers spend over £10 on chocolate, so it's a good opportunity to encourage shoppers to trade up.

Father's Day

Over 75%3 of shoppers buy gifts for Father's Day in different stores, so it’s really important to promote a wide range of suitable gifts in your store.


  • Create an eye-catching display* and display complementary items together, for example, chocolate and alcohol are a popular combination
  • Chocolate boxes are the most popular chocolate format, but blocks are growing in popularity4 so be sure to stock both
  • Quality and brands are the most popular reason for purchase and Cadbury is the most popular brand on Father's Day5

* Where HFSS regulations apply, only non-HFSS products may be displayed in certain areas ofthe store

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