Seasonal Opportunities

Seasons and events are a great way to create theatre, excitement and a great atmosphere in your store. They also provide an excuse to make changes that can help to inspire shoppers to take a different look when shopping in your store.
Seasons and events present display opportunities through the whole year so why not consider having a seasonal plan!

Planning for Seasonal Success

Take time to create an annual plan for the seasons

  • If you haven't focused on a seasonal opportunity before start small, review and amend plans the next time
  • Be selective about which seasons, focus on your local shopper base
  • Consider having a specific display space in your store for seasons1
  • Confectionery is a highly relevant category for nearly every gifting occasion
  • Seasons provide an opportunity for trade up, so consider stocking products at a range of prices
  • Focus on top sellers in the categories you stock and have gifting top sellers displayed on your main confectionery display for all year round gifting opportunities
  • Many shoppers buy gifts from different stores so its important to promote your range1

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the seasons in your store and
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