HFSS Regulations apply from October 2022


To prepare for this, we recommend retailers do the following:

Guidance is available through ACS and the government website’

ACS website : www.acs.org.uk/advice/hfss-regulations

Official Government guidelines, as outlined here : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/restricting-promotions-of-products-high-in-fat-sugar-or-salt-by-location-and-by-volume-price/restricting-promotions-of-products-high-in-fat-sugar-or-salt-by-location-and-by-volume-price-implementation-guidance

Members of a symbol group can utilise this membership for advise

We recommend retailers consider and prepare by

Be aware which segment of the legislation your store falls under
Think about the rules and what will be impacted in your store
Familiarise yourself with categories that are affected
Identify categories that will need to move in your store
Plan when you will make changes, be ready for October 1st
Never forget basic merchandising principles they will still be just as relevant

For display advice click here

Displays and ranges should always be regularly reviewed